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This is a small list of utilities implemented in various programming languages and running on various platforms:

  1. CubrixControl
    • A c#-application for smart phones running Windows Mobile. Lets you control relays and alarms over the GSM network. Presupposes that you own a Cubrix 5000 unit.
  2. GedcomMobile
    • A program for browsing gedcom 5.5 files on ARM-based Pocket PCs and Smart Phones running Windows Mobile. It has been implemented entirely in C++ and handles even very large gedcom files with a minimum of memory consumption.
  3. MelCepstrumGui
    • An experimental tool for vizualizing melscaled cepstral coefficient, the standard feature extraction preprocessing in speech recognition technology. The tool runs on any Windows 32 bit system.
  4. MSSapi
    • Java class providing easy high-level access from Java applications to Microsft SAPI complient speech synthesizers. The class is "inspired" by (but not fully compatible with) the standard extension package javax.speech.synthesis.
  5. JHVite
    • Java wrapper class for HVite, the speech recognizer of the HTK Toolkit. Runs on any platform where also HTK compiles and runs (Linux, Windows 32 systems, Solaris ...). "Inspired" by but not fully equivalent to the standard extension package javax.speech.recognition.
  6. NLFambook
    • Commanline tool (Windows 32 systems, Linux, Solaris) for converting gedcom 5.5 file into "books" (rtf, pdf, html, or plain text). Note: This tool i not supported anymore.