Gedcom Extracts

About the Extracts

The extracts are generated by a computer program from gedcom files stored in the same SQL table structures as used by the public domain program PhpGedView. The computer program is implemented in PHP (executes on an Apache server) and is based on an old program NLFambook (implementet in C++ in the 1990'es). The pattern is an ordinary "book", i.e. something you read "from left to right" and where internal cross references ("links") are given in wordings comprehensible even if the extract has been printed out (wordings like "see section 3.1." and not "press here" or similar).

To print out an entire "book" (extract) one must select the items content, pedeigree, all ancestral lines, all collateral lines, and the index of names. On each page one should choose the pdf-format and use Acrobat for printing.

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