Gedcom Extract for Kristine Margrete BRUUN

Chpt. 1.106: Ancestral Line for Inger Jensdatter KAAS, Kristine Margrete BRUUN's father's mother's father's mother's father's mother's mother's mother's father's father's father's father's father's father's mother

XXI.1404960 Niels LÆNDI, ridder. = nb. XIX.344064 chpt. 1.64.

XX.702480 Jens NIELSEN, ridder. = nb. XVIII.172032 chpt. 1.64.

XIX.351240 Jens KAAS, herremand. = nb. XVII.86016 chpt. 1.64.

XVIII.175620 Jens KAAS, herremand. = nb. XVI.43008 chpt. 1.64.

XVII.87810 Nisse KAAS, herremand. = nb. XV.21504 chpt. 1.64.

XVI.43905 Inger Jensdatter KAAS.

Dead after 1406. ~ to XVI.43904 Mikkel Nielsen KRABBE (-1366). See chpt. 1.105. DAA 1899 s. 198.  _ 1 child with XVI.43904 Mikkel Nielsen KRABBE, see chpt. 1.105.

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