Gedcom Extract for Kristine Margrete BRUUN

Chpt. 1.116: Ancestral Line for Beke AHLEFELDT, Kristine Margrete BRUUN's father's mother's father's mother's mother's father's father's father's father's mother's father's father's mother

XIX.352544 Benedict AHLEFELDT. = nb. XVII.85632 chpt. 1.60.

XVIII.176272 Benedict AHLEFELDT. = nb. XVI.42816 chpt. 1.60.

XVIII.176273 Benedicte SÆDINGE. = nb. XVI.42817 chpt. 1.60.

XVII.88136 Benedikt AHLEFELDT.

Born abt. 1330. Dead after 1398. ~ to XVII.88137 Catharine LIMBEK (1329-1368). See chpt. 1.117.  _

His son:

1 Claus AHLEFELDT. see XVI.44068 below.

XVI.44068 Claus AHLEFELDT.

~ to XVI.44069 Anna Pogwisch ? (-). - see below.  _ His wife XVI.44069 (parents unknown):

XVI.44069 Anna Pogwisch ?.

~ XVI.44068 Claus AHLEFELDT - see above.  _

Their son

1 Godske AHLEFELDT. see XV.22034 below.

XV.22034 Godske AHLEFELDT.

~ to XV.22035 Beke STAKE (-). See chpt. 1.118.  _

His daughter:

1 Beke AHLEFELDT. see XIV.11017 below.


~ to XIV.11016 Volf WISCH (-). See chpt. 1.115.  _ 1 child with XIV.11016 Volf WISCH, see chpt. 1.115.

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