Gedcom Extract for Kristine Margrete BRUUN

Chpt. 1.133: Ancestral Line for Eibe SEHESTED, Kristine Margrete BRUUN's father's mother's father's mother's mother's father's mother's father's father's father's mother

XIX.354432 Thetlavius SESTATH.

Stamfader til adelsslægten Sested (Sehestedt), Danmarks Adels Årbog 1914.  _

His son:

1 Sifridus SEHESTED. see XVIII.177216 below.

XVIII.177216 Sifridus SEHESTED.


His son:

1 Sifridus SEHESTED. see XVII.88608 below.

XVII.88608 Sifridus SEHESTED.


His son:

1 Otto SEHESTED. see XVI.44304 below.

XVI.44304 Otto SEHESTED.


His son:

1 Schack SEHESTED. see XV.22152 below.

XV.22152 Schack SEHESTED.

~ to XV.22153 Margrethe ? (-). - see below.  _ His wife XV.22153 (parents unknown):

XV.22153 Margrethe ?.

~ XV.22152 Schack SEHESTED - see above.  _

Their son

1 Reimer SEHESTED. see XIV.11076 below.

XIV.11076 Reimer SEHESTED.

~ to XIV.11077 Mette ? (-). - see below.  _ His wife XIV.11077 (parents unknown):

XIV.11077 Mette ?.

~ XIV.11076 Reimer SEHESTED - see above.  _

Their son

1 Benedict Reimersen SEHESTED. see XIII.5538 below.

XIII.5538 Benedict Reimersen SEHESTED.

~ to XIII.5539 Hese Sivertsdatter BROCKDORFF (-). - see below.  _ His wife XIII.5539 (parents unknown):

XIII.5539 Hese Sivertsdatter BROCKDORFF.

~ XIII.5538 Benedict Reimersen SEHESTED - see above.  _

Their daughter

1 Eibe SEHESTED. see XII.2769 below.


~ to XII.2768 Henneke RUMOHR (-). See chpt. 1.131.  _ 1 child with XII.2768 Henneke RUMOHR, see chpt. 1.131.

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