Gedcom Extract for Kristine Margrete BRUUN

Chpt. 1.136: Ancestral Line for Anna AHLEFELDT, Kristine Margrete BRUUN's father's mother's father's mother's mother's father's mother's mother

X.694 Gregers AHLEFELDT.

~ to X.695 Mette BLOME (-). - see below.  _ His wife X.695 (parents unknown):

X.695 Mette BLOME.

~ X.694 Gregers AHLEFELDT - see above.  _

Their daughter

1 Anna AHLEFELDT. see IX.347 below.


Born 1 Nov. 1600. Dead 1 Jan. 1654. ~ to IX.346 Schack RUMOHR, landrĂ¥d (1585-1643). See chpt. 1.131.  _ 7 children with IX.346 Schack RUMOHR, see chpt. 1.131.


[225] Rumohr: Danmarks Adels Aarbog 1937.

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