Gedcom Extract for Kristine Margrete BRUUN

Chpt. 1.54: Ancestral Line for Anna SPERLING, Kristine Margrete BRUUN's father's mother's father's father's mother's mother's father's mother's mother

XVIII.170752 Johan SPERLING. = nb. XX.680960 chpt. 1.52.

XVII.85376 Lüder SPERLING. = nb. XIX.340480 chpt. 1.52.

XVI.42688 Otto SPERLING. = nb. XVIII.170240 chpt. 1.52.

XV.21344 Claus SPERLING, godsejer. = nb. XVII.85120 chpt. 1.52.

XIV.10672 Otto SPERLING, godsejer. = nb. XVI.42560 chpt. 1.52.

XIV.10673 Rebecca (Becka) ?. = nb. XVI.42561 chpt. 1.52.

XIII.5336 Cord SPERLING, godsejer. = nb. XV.21280 chpt. 1.52.

XII.2668 Otto SPERLING, godsejer.

~ to XII.2669 Margarete (Veronika) WANGELIN (-). - see below. Levede endnu 1506.  _ His wife XII.2669 (parents unknown):

XII.2669 Margarete (Veronika) WANGELIN.

~ XII.2668 Otto SPERLING, godsejer - see above. Datter af en Hieronymus von Wangelin.  _

Their son

1 Georg SPERLING, godsejer. see XI.1334 below.

XI.1334 Georg SPERLING, godsejer.

Dead 1560. ~ to XI.1335 Leveke BÜLOW (-1569). See chpt. 1.55.  _

His daughter:

1 Anna SPERLING. see X.667 below.

X.667 Anna SPERLING.

Born 1550 in Schlagsdorf. Dead 1599. ~ to X.666 Otto WACKERBARTH, domprovst (1540-1598). See chpt. 1.53.  _ 2 children with X.666 Otto WACKERBARTH, see chpt. 1.53.


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