The Jewish Cemetery in Fredericia

Burials in Section A

2D plot
red dot=tombstone, blue dot=grave without tombstone or with the tombstone placed elsewhere

picture 00000-A-8-1-TB-may2010.JPG
Section A Photo TB may. 2010

Section A has burials from the establishment of the cemetery until 1798. In the rows 5, 6, and 14 no tombstones are preserved and in 11 only a single unreadable tombstone. Just as in section X in Mollegade Margolinsky utilizes a numbering system for section A that differentiates between the grave and the tombstone position indenpendently. However, in Fredericia persons' graves and stones are always located in the same row, and they never occur different orders.

There is a total of 82 known and locatable burials in section A

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