The Jewish Cemetery in Horsens

Burials in Row nb. 7

2D plot
red dot=tombstone, blue dot=grave without tombstone or with the tombstone placed elsewhere

picture 00000-A7-7-1-TB-apr2011.JPG
Row nb. 7 Photo TB apr. 2011

Row nb. 7 seems to have been reserved for children (like e.g. row nb. 8 in section C in Fredericia). Today no tombstones in this row have been preserved. Margolinsky has 1955 registered three stones (probably small detached plates on the ground).

SurnameGiven NameInfo.YearPosition[*]NoteCross-ref.
[*] State: identified= identified stone, not identified= unreadable stone, identified= stone not found, identified= grave/no stone, identified= grave, no exact pos.
HECKSCHER dødfødt pige. D. af Meyer Abr.H., 1856,15.5 A-7-1-Hrs 0 ingen sten I36514 
LEVY Amalie, barn. D. af Isaac Zacharias L. f. 5.10.1856, 1857,18.1 A-7-2-Hrs 0 ingen sten I3418 
HECKSCHER Dinah, barn. D. af Meyer Abr. H., f. 23.3.1857, 1857,5.10 A-7-3-Hrs ikke fundet I36513 
DESSAU Wilhelm, barn. S. af Salomon Isak f. 24.9.1857, 1858,27.1 A-7-4-Hrs ikke fundet I3297 
DESSAU Mariane, barn. D. af Salomon Isak, f. 10.2.1856, 1859,22.3 A-7-5-Hrs ikke fundet I3296 
NATHANSEN barn af Isak N., f. 10.4.1859, 1859,29.4 A-7-6-Hrs 0 ingen sten I36528 
LEVY Augusta, barn. D. af Isaac Z. L., f. 25.2.1862, 1862,26.4 A-7-7-Hrs 0 ingen sten I3420 
COHEN (COHN) Gerda, barn. D. af Joel I.C., f. 28.6.1864, 1865,25.1 A-7-8-Hrs 0 ingen sten I36501 
LEVY Louis Joseph, barn. S. af Isaac Z. L., f. 29.9.1864, 1865,18.7 A-7-9-Hrs 0 ingen sten I3421 
COHEN (COHN) Samuel Gerhardt, barn. S. af Joel I .C., f. 21.8.1865, 1866,16.3 A-7-10-Hrs 0 ingen sten I36505 
COHEN (COHN) dødfødt barn af Joel I.C., 1866,20.9 A-7-11-Hrs 0 ingen sten I36507 
DESSAU dødfødt barn af Salomon Isak D., 1866,11.10 A-7-12-Hrs 0 ingen sten I65628 
LEVY Rosa, barn. D. af Isak Wulff L., f. 29.12.1867, 1868,17.8 A-7-13-Hrs 0 ingen sten I36521 
von ESSEN nyfødt dreng. S. af Philip Ferdinand, 1872,14.12 A-7-14-Hrs 0 ingen sten I36509 

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