The Jewish Cemetery in Horsens

Burials in Row nb. 8

2D plot
red dot=tombstone, blue dot=grave without tombstone or with the tombstone placed elsewhere

picture 00000-A8-7-1-TB-apr2011.JPG
Row nb. 8 Photo TB apr. 2011

This "row" nb. 8 is called "the lane" in Margolinsky's "Jødiske Dødsfald". It denotes an area reserved for members of the Levy family. A single tombstone is set for three members of this family.

SurnameGiven NameInfo.YearPosition[*]NoteCross-ref.
[*] State: identified= identified stone, not identified= unreadable stone, identified= stone not found, identified= grave/no stone, identified= grave, no exact pos.
LEVY Isaac Zacharias, bryggeriejer, etatsråd, f. 10.12.1827, 1899,19.10 00048-7-1-TB-apr2011.JPG8-1-Hrs Legat identificeret ["Plæne", Fælles sten for familien Levy]I1427 
LEVY Isabella, f. SALOMONSEN, g. Isaac Zacharias, f. 12.1.1833 Viborg. Død i Kbh, 1903,14.3 00049-7-1-TB-apr2011.JPG8-2-Hrs Legat identificeret ["Plæne", Fælles sten for familien Levy]I1428 
LEVY Louise, ugift, D. af Isaac Z. L., f. 3.8.1860. Død i Svendborg, 1930,7.6 00051-7-1-TB-apr2011.JPG8-3-Hrs Legat identificeret ["Plæne", Fælles sten for familien Levy]I3419 

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