The Jewish Cemetery in Fredericia

Burials in Section B Row nb. 5 with Aron Larsch

Burials of a row normally follow a strict chronological order broken only by a few "late" burials where surviving relatives have reserved neighbouring places. An empty place (or "unknown" burial) may indicate that the place for some reason was never used as planned. So far it is important to study neighbouring burials from a genealogical point of view.

SurnameGiven NameInfo.YearPosition[*]NoteCross-ref.
[*] State: identified= identified stone, not identified= unreadable stone, identified= stone not found, identified= grave/no stone, identified= grave, no exact pos.
LEVY Rachel, f. WULFF (WULF), g. Bendix, f. ca. 1728, 1806,30.10 B-5-1-Frdr 0 ingen sten I22070 
MEYER Sara, f. SALOMONSEN, g. Marcus, d. i Vejle, 1806,15.12 00284-8-1-TB-jul2010.JPGB-5-2-Frdr identificeret I2369 
WULFF (WULF) Lene, barn, d. af Israel Carl W., f. 1799, 1807 B-5-3-Frdr 0 ingen sten I9794 
[NN] en tilrejsende, død på vejen mellem Horsens og Århus, 1807 B-5-4-Frdr 0 ingen sten I64605 
SELKEL Marcus, 1807 B-5-5-Frdr 0 ingen sten I36793 
LEVY Henrik Zacharias, købmand, f. ca. 1746, 1807,10.4 00232-8-1-TB-jul2010.JPGB-5-6-Frdr identificeret I18029 
BER Lea, f. BENDIX, g. Alexander, f. ca. 1752, 1807,29.6 00037-8-1-TB-jul2010.JPGB-5-7-Frdr identificeret [Træmærke nu på museum]I36559 
ELMSHORN Isaac, 1807 B-5-8-Frdr 0 ingen sten I36613 
ABRAHAM Julius Levin, lærer, f. 1735, 1808,14.3 B-5-9-Frdr ikke fundet [Fragmenteret afskr. af M. ]I36530 
LARSCH Aron, købmand, Assens, Odense, 1808,3.6 B-5-10-Frdr 0 ingen sten I36681 

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