The Jewish Cemetery in Mollegade (Cph.)

Burials in Section C Row nb. 5 with Lea Randers

Burials of a row normally follow a strict chronological order broken only by a few "late" burials where surviving relatives have reserved neighbouring places. An empty place (or "unknown" burial) may indicate that the place for some reason was never used as planned. So far it is important to study neighbouring burials from a genealogical point of view.

SurnameGiven NameInfo.YearPosition[*]NoteCross-ref.
[*] State: identified= identified stone, not identified= unreadable stone, identified= stone not found, identified= grave/no stone, identified= grave, no exact pos.
HOLLæNDER (HOLLäNDER) Mirjam, ugift, 1807,16.12 C-5-1-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I34225 
BERMAN Aron, 1807,25.12 04670-1-1-MG-xxx1955.jpgC-5-2-Mlgd 0 ingen sten [Mangler i JD]I69834 
alias Aron RINGSTED
HAMBRO Jacob Suferson, 1808,24.1 01413-1-1-TB-apr2011.JPGC-5-3-Mlgd ikke identificeret el. fotograferet I34004 
alias Jacob Suferson RENDSBURG
FüRST Philip Aron, 1808,6.3 C-5-4-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I33848 
EIBESCHüTZ Hanne, ugift, 1808,29.5 00924-1-1-TB-apr2011.JPGC-5-5-Mlgd identificeret I31931 
SINGER Elias Joseph, 1808,1.6 C-5-6-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I35755 
PHILIP Belle, f. NATHAN, g. Marcus, 1808,13.8 C-5-7-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I35359 
HENRIQUES Moses Abraham, 1808,19.9 C-5-8-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I34115 
alias Moses NASCHE (NASCHOU)
MAGNUS Bracha, ugift, 1808,14.10 C-5-9-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I34892 
alias Bracha CLEVE
BENDIX Salomon II, invalid, 1809,10.2 C-5-10-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I32647 
alias Salomon II ULFEN
RANDERS Lea, f. PEISER, g. Moses, 1809,4.6 04671-1-1-MG-xxx1955.jpgC-5-11-Mlgd 0 ingen sten [Mangler i JD]I69835 
COHEN (COHN) Magnus Nathan, 1809,20.6 C-5-12-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I33578 
BERMAN Jacob, 1810,13.2 00371-1-1-TB-apr2011.JPGC-5-13-Mlgd ikke identificeret el. fotograferet I32746 
RUBEN Gelle, ugift, 1810,23.3 C-5-14-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I35505 
RINGSTED Feigel, f. MANES, g. Wolf, 1810,3.23 04672-1-1-MG-xxx1955.jpgC-5-15-Mlgd 0 ingen sten [Mangler i JD]I69837 
TEXIERE Bella, g. Jacob Wulf, 1810,2.5 C-5-16-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I35802 
TEXIERE Jacob Wulf, 1811,22.11 04165-1-1-TB-apr2011.JPGC-5-17-Mlgd identificeret I35803 
LEVY Meyer, 1810,17.6 C-5-18-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I47262 
alias Meyer SIESBYE (SIESBY)
CALMER Levin, pottehandler, 1810,17.9 00488-1-1-TB-apr2011.JPGC-5-19-Mlgd identificeret I32845 
CALMER Hanne, f. NATHAN, g. Levin, 1811,13.12 C-5-20-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I32844 
JACOB Joseph Simon, 1810,8.10 C-5-21-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I17089 
GOLDSCHMIDT Moses Berendt, 1810,18.10 01278-1-1-TB-apr2011.JPGC-5-22-Mlgd Legat identificeret I2504 
PHILIP Joseph, 1810,21.10 C-5-23-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I35376 
JOEL Levi, 1811,9.2 02184-1-1-TB-apr2011.JPGC-5-24-Mlgd ikke identificeret el. fotograferet [Trykfejl i JD, 0 for ingen sten]I34502 
alias Levi WACHER
MARCUS Marthe, f. PHILIP, g. Samuel, 1811,17.2 C-5-25-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I34920 
HECKSCHER Israel, frislagter, 1811,28.2 01530-1-1-TB-apr2011.JPGC-5-26-Mlgd identificeret I5411 
MATHIESEN Calmer, 1811,1.3 02862-1-1-TB-apr2011.JPGC-5-27-Mlgd ikke identificeret el. fotograferet [Ulæselig, M.: Hvid Sten forvitret]I34943 
JACOB David Simon, barn, 1811,6.4 C-5-28-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I17114 
RUBEN Ephraim Magnus, fabrikant, Helsingør, 1813,27.8 C-5-29-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I5209 
alias Ephraim Magnus HELSINGøR
RUBEN Sara, f. MOSES, g. Ephraim Magnus, 1815,14.6 C-5-30-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I5210 

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