The Jewish Cemetery in Mollegade (Cph.)

Burials in Section E Row nb. 4 with Levin Meyer

Burials of a row normally follow a strict chronological order broken only by a few "late" burials where surviving relatives have reserved neighbouring places. An empty place (or "unknown" burial) may indicate that the place for some reason was never used as planned. So far it is important to study neighbouring burials from a genealogical point of view.

SurnameGiven NameInfo.YearPosition[*]NoteCross-ref.
[*] State: identified= identified stone, not identified= unreadable stone, identified= stone not found, identified= grave/no stone, identified= grave, no exact pos.
von ESSEN Salomon Nathan, guldtrækker, 1827,19.6 00999-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGE-4-1-Mlgd identificeret I33756 
ISRAEL Rane, ugift, 1828,19.3 E-4-2-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I34322 
WULFF (WULF) Debora, g. Joel Joseph, 1828,6.3 E-4-3-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I36027 
JOSEPH Heyman Benjamin, handlende, 1828,25.2 E-4-5-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I34526 
alias Chajm NASCHE (NASCHOU)
COHEN (COHN) Isak Philip, handlende, 1828,9.2 00660-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGE-4-6-Mlgd identificeret I32968 
von HALLE Wulff Levin, grosserer, 1828,23.1 01409-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGE-4-7-Mlgd ikke identificeret el. fotograferet I12857 
NATHAN Jacob, cigarmager, 1827,31.12 E-4-8-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I35290 
BüRGEL Sara, f. SALOMONSEN, g. Isac, 1856,14.10 00464-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGE-4-9-Mlgd identificeret [Fødenavn mangler i JD]I5406 
BüRGEL lsac Heyman, tallotterikollektør, 1827,13.12 00462-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGE-4-10-Mlgd identificeret I5408 
ISAC (ISAAC, ISAK) Maren, f. JACOB, g. Benjamin, 1827,11.12 E-4-11-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I34253 
JACOBSEN Frederikke, f. ADLER, g. Salomon, 1827,7.12 02052-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGE-4-12-Mlgd identificeret I34414 
NATHAN Rosa, g. Marcus, 1827,29.11 03386-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGE-4-14-Mlgd identificeret [Trykfejl og fejl i kartotek: E-14-14]I35309 
TEXIERE Simon Jacob, handlende, 1827,19.11 E-4-15-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I35805 
LEVIN Samuel Bernt, handlende, 1827,25.10 E-4-15a-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I34700 
alias Schmuel FRANZMAN
BEREND (BEHREND, BEHRENDT) Abraham, handlende, Næstved, 1827,8.9 E-4-16-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I55223 
HAMBRO Isak Joachim/Levy, smørhdl., Amsterdam, 1827,1.9 01412-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGE-4-17-Mlgd identificeret I34003 
alias Isak Joachim/Levy RENDSBURG
FALK Isaac Israel, handlende, 1827,25.8 01009-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGE-4-18-Mlgd identificeret I33763 
alias Isaac Israel POLACK
MEYER Simon, handlende, 1827,30.7 E-4-19-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I35133 
LEVY Sara, tjenestepige, 1827,20.7 E-4-20-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I34843 
MEYER Levin, silke- og klædehandler, 1827,26.11 03112-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGE-4-22-Mlgd identificeret [Dobbeltsten med ægtefælle]I35088 
alias Levin FREDERICIA
MEYER Sara, f. FüRST, g. Levin, 1827,30.5 03179-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGE-4-23-Mlgd identificeret [Dobbeltsten med ægtefælle]I35123 
RUBEN Isac Ephraim, vinhandler, 1827,25.5 03690-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGE-4-24-Mlgd identificeret [Fælles sten med ægtefælle]I35508 
alias Isac Ephraim HELSINGøR
RUBEN Susanne, f. ANRICH, g. Isac Ephraim, 1845,2.8 03712-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGE-4-25-Mlgd identificeret [Trykfejl i JD H-4-25, fælles sten med ægtefælle]I35517 
ITALIAENDER Abraham, tobaksfabrikør, 1827,23.5 E-4-26-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I34332 
MEYER Frederikke, f. ROTSCHILD (ROSKILDE), g. Isak, 1827,8.5 03049-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGE-4-27-Mlgd Legat identificeret I35050 
BEREND (BEHREND, BEHRENDT) Hanne, ugift, 1827,24.4 E-4-28-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I32711 
alias Hanne PEISER
ROTHENBORG (ROTHENBURG) Frederikke, f. ADLER, g. Philip Moses, 1827,23.4 03654-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGE-4-29-Mlgd Legat identificeret I29639 
ABRAHAM Sara, ugift, 1827,15.4 E-4-30-Mlgd 0 ingen sten [Trykfejl i JD: 1827,14.4: død 1827,12.4, begr. 1827,15.4]I55182 

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