The Jewish Cemetery in Mollegade (Cph.)

Burials in Section G Row nb. 8 with Levin Hertz/Hirsch

Burials of a row normally follow a strict chronological order broken only by a few "late" burials where surviving relatives have reserved neighbouring places. An empty place (or "unknown" burial) may indicate that the place for some reason was never used as planned. So far it is important to study neighbouring burials from a genealogical point of view.

SurnameGiven NameInfo.YearPosition[*]NoteCross-ref.
[*] State: identified= identified stone, not identified= unreadable stone, identified= stone not found, identified= grave/no stone, identified= grave, no exact pos.
ABRAHAMSEN Hirsch, kontorist, Helsingør, 1845,1.6 G-8-1-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I32496 
JOSEPH Jeanette, f. ABRAHAMSEN, g. Moses, 1845,23.5 02208-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGG-8-2-Mlgd identificeret I34528 
HIRSCH Aron, Helsingør, 1845,19.5 G-8-3-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I34185 
JACOBSEN Jacob Juda, kommissionær, 1845,11.5 02091-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGG-8-4-Mlgd identificeret I13166 
TACHAU Selig Salomon, købmand, Ribe, 1845,6.5 04147-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGG-8-5-Mlgd Legat identificeret [Fælles sten med ægtefælle]I35801 
TACHAU Sara, f. GESKEL, g. Selig Salomon, 1879,24.3 04146-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGG-8-6-Mlgd Legat identificeret [Fælles sten med ægtefælle]I35800 
MELCHIOR Birgitte, f. ISRAEL, g. Gerson, 1855,22.12 02882-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGG-8-7-Mlgd Legat identificeret I8074 
MELCHIOR Gerson, grosserer, 1845,24.4 02895-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGG-8-8-Mlgd Legat identificeret [Trykfejl i JD G-8-9]I7180 
HIRSCH Levin, kommissionær, 1845,21.4 01790-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGG-8-9-Mlgd identificeret I34200 
HERTZ (HIRSCH) Levin, købmand, 1845,11.4 01720-1-1-MG-xxx1955.jpgG-8-10-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I34151 
SYSKIND Caroline, f. THOMAR, g. Jacob, 1845,1.4 G-8-11-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I35793 
SPEYER (SPEIER) Sara, 1845,16.3 G-8-12-Mlgd 0 ingen sten [G-18-12 rettet til G-8-12. Fmd. trykfejl i JD, men samme fejl i kartotek]I35774 
SAMUEL Lene, ugift, 1845,12.3 G-8-13-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I35639 
alias Lene HELSINGøR
JACOBSEN Julius, cand.phil., 1845,12.3 02100-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGG-8-14-Mlgd Legat identificeret I13175 
JACOBSEN Lea, g. Seligman, 1845,3.3 G-8-15-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I34453 
MELCHIOR Dorothea, f. BLOCH, g. Nathan Gerson, 1845,20.2 02886-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGG-8-16-Mlgd ikke identificeret el. fotograferet I13654 
HENRIQUES Galethea, f. FüRST, g. Aron, 1845,9.2 G-8-17-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I25346 
BLOCH Rebekka, f. BEREND (BEHREND, BEHRENDT), g. Philip, 1845,3.2 G-8-18-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I32791 
RéE Marie, f. von HALLE, g. Heiman Ludvig, 1845,31.1 03620-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGG-8-19-Mlgd identificeret I18043 
NATHAN Gerson, talmudist, 1850,25.12 03342-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGG-8-20-Mlgd identificeret I35284 
alias Gerson DANZIG (DANZIGER)
GEDALIA Salomon Abraham, rabbiner, 1844,20.11 01178-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGG-8-21-Mlgd Legat identificeret I23452 

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