The Jewish Cemetery in Mollegade (Cph.)

Tombstones in Row nb. 17

2D plot
red dot=tombstone, blue dot=grave without tombstone or with the tombstone placed elsewhere

picture 00000-X17-1-1-TB-apr2011.JPG
Row nb. 17 in section X Photo TB apr. 2011

This row has a long sequence of unknown graves on the area of the cemetery annexed 1694. These unknown burials are probably some of the oldest in Mollegade.

SurnameGiven NameInfo.YearPosition[*]NoteCross-ref.
[*] State: identified= identified stone, not identified= unreadable stone, identified= stone not found, identified= grave/no stone, identified= grave, no exact pos.
JOSEPH Lipman, 1798,25.11 02211-1-1-TB-apr2011.JPGX-17-10-1-Mlgd identificeret I34530 
alias Eliezer ESSEN
GOLDSCHMIDT Meir Aron, vekselerer, 1798,18.10 01273-1-1-TB-apr2011.JPGX-17-11-2-Mlgd identificeret I483 
alias Meir Aron KIK
DELBANCO Elias Moses, bogholder, 1803,21.9 00884-1-1-TB-apr2011.JPGX-17-71-3-Mlgd identificeret I6289 
UNNA Esther, f. WULFF (WULF), g. Raphael, 1804,5.6 04256-1-1-TB-apr2011.JPGX-17-73-4-Mlgd identificeret [Fælles sten med Raphel. Fødenavn mangler i JD]I22984 
stone together w.
UNNA Raphael Ascher, handlende, 1803,11.10 04287-1-1-TB-apr2011.JPGX-17-72-4-Mlgd identificeret [Fælles sten med ægtefælle]I22985 
DAVID Rosa Nathan, f. UNNA, g. Josef, 1804,21.3 00823-1-1-TB-apr2011.JPGX-17-74-5-Mlgd identificeret I33657 
ITALIAENDER Jacob, bogholder, 1804,31.5 01955-1-1-TB-apr2011.JPGX-17-75-6-Mlgd identificeret I34336 
MOSES Pesche, g. Abraham, 1805,27.2 03310-1-1-TB-apr2011.JPGX-17-77-7-Mlgd identificeret I24262 
TEXIERE Hinde, g. Wulff, 1805,2.4 04161-1-1-TB-apr2011.JPGX-17-78-8-Mlgd ikke identificeret el. fotograferet I35813 
MEYER Israel, 1805,30.9 03085-1-1-TB-apr2011.JPGX-17-80-9-Mlgd identificeret I35070 
alias Israel STRELITZ
HAMBRO Calmer Joachim, silke- og klædekræmmer, 1806,17.1 01411-1-1-TB-apr2011.JPGX-17-81-10-Mlgd Legat identificeret I22989 
alias Calmer Joachim RENDSBURG

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