The Jewish Cemetery in Mollegade (Cph.)

Tombstone nb. 1826-1

Person: ISAC (ISAAC, ISAK), Berend
Hebr. name: Issachar Ber ... Aizik
Date of burial: 1791,17.11
Place of burial: Mollegade (Cph.) X-5-13-10
identificeret identified stone
- see neighbouring burials in the row *)
I34235 Danish-Jewish Genealogical Database (requires membership of SDJH/JGS)
placering af nr. 1826
Location of the tombstone/grave
NB: in Mollegade section X, tombstones (red dots) are far from always placed on the graves (blue dots) of the deceased.

*) Burials of a row normally follow a strict chronological order broken only by a few "late" burials where surviving relatives have reserved neighbouring places. An empty place (or "unknown" burial) may indicate that the place for some reason was never used as planned. So far it is important to study neighbouring burials from a genealogical point of view.

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picture 01826-1-1-TB-jul2010.JPG
Photo TB jul. 2010

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Photo TB jul. 2010

Issachar som achrosticon

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