Danish-Jewish Funerals and Tombstones until 1886

Persons with the surname/nick name/maiden name Ringsted

SurnameGiven NameInfo.YearPosition[*]NoteCross-ref.
[*] State: identified= identified stone, not identified= unreadable stone, identified= stone not found, identified= grave/no stone, identified= grave, no exact pos.
BERMAN Aron, 1807,25.12 04670-1-1-MG-xxx1955.jpgC-5-2-Mlgd 0 ingen sten [Mangler i JD]I69834 
alias Aron RINGSTED
ISAC (ISAAC, ISAK) Levin, 1813,10.6 C-4-12-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I34239 bsk 
alias Levin RINGSTED
LEVIN Jacob, hosekræmmer, 1832,23.8 02432-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGH-7-20-Mlgd identificeret I34707 
alias Jacob RINGSTED
LEVIN Marcus, handlende, 1816,14.2 02453-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGE-19-16-Mlgd identificeret I34717 
alias Mordechai RINGSTED
MARCUS Salomon, hårdugsfabrikant, Ringsted, 1792,30.1 02837-1-1-AF-nov2010.JPGX-11-18-11-Mlgd identificeret I34923 bsk kop 
alias Sanwil RINGSTED
MOSES Abraham, købmand, Ringsted, 1824,10.3 E-9-24-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I35180 bsk mtl 
alias Abraham RINGSTED
MOSES Jacob, handlende, Slagelse, 1828,27.8 E-3-17-Mlgd ikke fundet I35241 bsk 
alias Jacob RINGSTED
RINGSTED Feigel, f. MANES, g. Wolf, 1810,3.23 04672-1-1-MG-xxx1955.jpgC-5-15-Mlgd 0 ingen sten [Mangler i JD]I69837 
SALOMON Jacob, købmand, 1817,31.1 03769-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGE-17-16-Mlgd identificeret I35560 
alias Jankel RINGSTED
SALOMONSEN Bendix, marskandiser, 1832,29.7 03817-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGH-7-14-Mlgd ikke identificeret el. fotograferet [Trykfejl i JD H-7-24]I35585 
alias Bendix RINGSTED
SALOMONSEN Esther, ugift, 1829,1.7 E-2-30-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I35591 
alias Esther RINGSTED
SALOMONSEN Israel Samuel, marskandiser, 1833,11.5 03853-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGH-5-28-Mlgd identificeret I35598 
alias Israel Samuel RINGSTED
SELIG Jacob, købmand, Ringsted, 1808,25.12 C-9-19-Mlgd 0 ingen sten [Fornavn mangler i JD]I35686 bsk 
alias Selig RINGSTED
SELIG Salomon, handlende, Ringsted, 1841,14.1 G-1-6-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I56024 
alias Salomon RINGSTED

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