Danish-Jewish Funerals and Tombstones until 1886

Deciphering Hebrew Inscriptions

In general, we cannot help with full translations of Hebrew inscriptions on the tombstones in this database. This presupposes not only a very high level of Hebrew knowledge but also a profound knowledge of Jewish Religion.

However, individual users can ask for access to photos in full quality and subsequently submit the photos to e.g. JewishGen's ViewMate service and ask for translations there. We appreciate that translations obtained this way are also send to us and that we are allowed to publish them on this website.

Send an email to Tom Br√łndsted and ask for access to high resolution photos. You will receive a password (login will be your email address). When logged into the system, the low quality photos will be clickable links to high resolution photos that you can save to your computer (right-click and save-as).

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