Danish-Jewish Funerals and Tombstones until 1886

Persons mentioned in the context of the external location Stege

SurnameGiven NameInfo.YearPosition[*]NoteCross-ref.
[*] State: identified= identified stone, not identified= unreadable stone, identified= stone not found, identified= grave/no stone, identified= grave, no exact pos.
GOTTSCHALK Joseph, købmand, Stege, 1880,10.9 01325-1-1-AF-apr2011.JPGH-9-36-Mlgd Legat identificeret I33957 
alias Joseph STEGE
WULFF (WULF) Abraham, købmand, Stege, 1851,9.12 F-1-12-Mlgd 0 ingen sten I56060 
alias Abraham STEGE
WULFF (WULF) Amalie, ugift, Stege, 1867,26.2 04492-1-1-AF-jul2011.jpgA-5-46-Mlgd identificeret I49072 

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