Automatic Phonemic Transcriber, licenses


Note: The Automatic Phonemic Transcriber used to have no upper limit to the number of words being processed per submission. The upper limit (currently 40 words) and the license system has been introduced as a response to the fact that the transcriber apparently has been used for creating entire pronunciation lexica. Possible licenses are

  1. Time-limited license to the online transcriber for personal and non-commercial use (e.g. foreign language learning or research)
    • Students: 6 months, 10 ‎€, 12 months 15 ‎€. Others: 6 months, 15 ‎€, 12 months 20 ‎€
  2. Time-limited license to binary commandline executables (64 bit Windows, Linux, MacOS, or Solaris) for personal and non-commercial use.
    • Students: 6 months, 20 ‎€, 12 months 30 ‎€. Others: 6 months, 30 ‎€, 12 months 40 ‎€
  3. Offline transcription of large vocabularies (e.g. +100 k) for commercial or non-commercial use
    • Contact me for quotation.
  4. Licenses for commercial use
    • Contact me for quotation.
  5. Students must identify themselves by having email addresses at known universities. Hotmail or gmail-addresses are not accepted.

    To obtain a license, email me at and tell me which of the four licenses you are interested in (online or binary, non-commercial or commercial, student or non-student, 6 or 12 months). In case you want binary executables, I also need to know your Operative System (64 bit Windows, Linux, MacOS, or Solaris). Further, we need to ensure that you know how to run the binary files. You will be asked to download a version with restricted functionality and you will not be asked for any payment before you verify you can run this version. Finally, you will be asked to transfer the payment using my Danish Bank account:

    IBAN: DK2030001700443384

    or from within Denmark:

    Danske Bank
    reg. nr. 3291
    Kontonr 1700443384

    Online-users will receive a password per email. Commandline users will be asked to download a zip-file with the full working (only time-limited) version of the transcriber.

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