Genealogy. Start Page.

  1. logo Danish-Jewish Genealogical Database (DJGDB) by Allan Falk (only for members of JGS and HGJG)
    • A genealogical database aiming at covering all Danish-Jewish families including their ancestors from abroad. Currently it encompasses more than 70.000 individuals. The database is owned and maintained by Allan Falk, Copenhagen, and details can be accessed only be members of the Jewish genealogical societies in Copenhagen (JGS) and Hamburg (HGJG). A login with password is required.
  2. logo Danish-Jewish Funerals and Tombstones until 1886 by Tom Brøndsted et al.
    • A register of Jewish funerals and tombstones in Møllegade in Copenhagen and the ten provincial cemeteries in Denmark. The database is partly based on the work by Julius Margolinsky and covers all known Jewish burials in Denmark from 1693-1886. The main objective of the database is to provide a complete photographic based register to the old (Hebrew) tombstones on the cemeteries.
  3. logo Jews in the Marriage Register by Allan Falk
    • A list of Jewish men who have paid a special fee "kopulationspenge" allowing them to contract marriages in Copenhagen 1735-1810
  4. logo Jews & trade licenses by Steen Felding, Bjarne Schartau
    • A list of Jews who have obtained trade licences in various Danish towns in the 18th-19th century
  5. logo Danish-Jewish censuses by Steen Felding, Tom Brøndsted
    • A number og special jewish censuses taken in accordance with decrees of 1804 and 1814
  6. logo Register
    • A register of names to the jewish databases 2-5
  7. logo logo logo logo logo Jews in External Databases
    • A number of external databases to which the databases mentioned above establish crossreferences.
  8. logo Extracts from my own Genealogical Database (in Danish)
    • A number of extracts from my own genealogical database. Each extract covers a geographically or socially relatively homogenious subset of the database.