The Jewish Cemetery in Mollegade (Cph.)

Burials in Section X

2D plot
red dot=tombstone, blue dot=grave without tombstone or with the tombstone placed elsewhere

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Section X Photo AF okt. 2010

In section X, grave positions and stone positions are unrelated. In 28 cases the tombstones of the deceased are positioned in another row than the graves. In a number of further cases, the sequence of graves differs from that of the tombstones. Consequently the menu above has separate selections for grave rows and stone rows.

Section X is the oldest one in Mollegade. It is located on areas annexed to the cemetary in 1694, 1704, 1715 (the so-called sephardic part), 1748, and 1768. Towords the center avenue it used to be demarcated by a wooden fence, and the graves along this fence (row X-18) originally had tomb stones with the front turned towards Mollegade - like the newer graves along the wall to Birkegade in section MB (cf. the chronological animation). The oldest tombstones of section X (i.e. on the midmost parts of the rows) are today very difficult to decipher.

There is a total of 940 known and locatable burials in section X

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