The Jewish Cemetery in Nakskov

The Jewish Cemetery in Nakskov

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This part of the database of the oldest Danish-Jewish funerals concerns the cemetery in Nakskov and is based mainly on the book by Julius Margolinsky "Jødiske Dødsfald i Danmark 1693-1976", Cph. 1978 pp. 621-29, and on his handwritten archive (see Allan Falk "Margoteket", JGS-Nyt Nr. 3 Vol. 5, September 2008). All photos in this part has - unless something else is indicated - been taken by AF in July 2011.

The Nakskov cemetery is located at the corner of Jødevej and Engtoften with the entrance from the latter street. Presumably it has been in use since 1700, i.e. it is just as old as Fredericia and only a few years younger than Mollegade in Copenhagen. However there are only very few tombstones and known graves before 1814.

South-Eastern corner of the cemetery
Fig. 1.: South-Eastern corner of the cemetery (with section A)

South-Western corner of the cemetery
Fig. 2.: South-Western corner of the cemetery (with section B).

For Nakskov, neither Margolinsky's book "Jødiske Dødsfald" nor his handwritten archive include positions of graves wihtout (preserved) tombstones. Consequently these graves are marked with gray symbols (meaning position unkown) in the tables of the current database and, of course, they cannot be plotted on the 2D-models. Further the few preserved tombstones in section A from the 18th century are wihtout indications of posititions in Margolinsky's work. However, these positions have been added in this database based on our observations on the cemetery.

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Tom Brøndsted, Aalborg July 2011

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